Contact me to organize workshops abroad! We can organize Hormone Yoga or any Traditional style of Yoga in your country, company, studio! Also if you are a Yoga Teacher and wish to have a Yoga workshop in Slovenia you are very welcome.

Do not hesitate to contact me!

Recommendations to prepare for yoga practice

  1. At least 3-4 hours before practice do not eat heavy food
  2. Bring your yoga mat
  3. Bring a big towel or a blanket for Savasana at the end of practice
  4. Bring a bottle of water for after practice
  5. Wear comfortable clothes
  6. Do not apply parfumes or stronly fragranced cosmetics on your body
  7. Before practice take a shower, do not apply antiperspirants, let your body breathe and cleanse
  8. Come to practice withouth and expectations, open-minded, leave your worries outside yoga hall, let yourself flow with practice, because each is a bit different
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