Techniques of body purifications



Karma, Kriya=action

Six techniques of body purification helps remove physical and mental impurities from our Nadis. There are three main Nadis ( energy channels) in our body. Ida ( Lunar, left side channel) , Pingala ( Solar, right side channel) and Shusumna. With Shatkriyas we remove mucus and impurities as already mentioned.

Diet is also importaint for purification. I practice Ahimsa, non-violence, which is one of Yoga principles, part of Yama. For me eating meat and food from animal origin is a violence over animals. So I am a defender of vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. If you eat food for which no one had to die means you are already practicing one of Yoga principles and purifying your physical and mental body.

And beside propper diet there are six ways of purifying body.

So why should it be purified anyways?

So Prana, life energy runs through our body/energy channels smoothly so it strenghtens our immune system, increases our level of awareness, improves general wellbeing, improves blood circulation ( mostly of internal organs), improves body stamina, extends our lifetime, prepares our body for meditation and self-healing capability.

Techniques of purification (Shatkarmas):

  1. Dhauti – stomach purification
  2. Basti – colon purification
  3. Neti – nasal purification
  4. Trataka – eye purification
  5. Nauli – stomach purification
  6. Kapalbathi – purification of Solar/Lunar Chakra

All techiques should be implemented under supervision of an experienced teacher.

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