Meditation is an experience which is hard to describe just like describing colours to a blind man. It is not possible to 'do' it. It happens. In a state of meditation there are no boundries, no past, no future. Only a present state of consciousness when only one thought exists.

We live in a three dimensional World, but through mediation we progres from third to second and at the end to the first dimension. When we are not in a state meditation our thoughts spread to different subjects. But when we meditate there is only one thought.

How to start?

How to start meditation? There are two options to start, actually recommendations:

  1. With concentration, focus to one object ( breath, chakra, mantra or other visualisation)
  2. With observation which means that we just let our mind flow and observe feelings, emotions, images

As I already said one can not lear meditation, it has to happen. We choose different paths. Some like dynamic meditation, some guided, some like to meditate alone.

The right time for meditation?

According to yogic tradition the best time for meditation is between 3 – 4 AM or late at night when energies are calm. Time around sunrise and sunset.

Meditation benefits?

  • Concentration improves
  • Calms our thoughts which also means we do not spread our energy
  • Improves general wellbeing, physical, psychological, mental
  • Increases selfconfidence and selfasteem
  • Personality growth
  • Self-healing ability increases
  • Improves immune system
  • Knowing our true self, etc
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