Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy ( HRT)

For Hormone imbalance Modern Medicine usually prescribes medicine to replace the hormone which is not produced naturally by glands in sufficient quantities. HRT is prescribed by gynecologists and cardiologists as preventive therapy for osteoporosis, high level of cholesterol and heart diseases caused by low level of hormones.

According to researches HRT can cause thrombosis, breast cancer and various reproductive cancers. Modern Medicine often justifies side effects as a collateral damage compared to benificial effects.

Research ( source: D.Rodrigues, Hormone Yoga Therapy book) from 2002 showed that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer and thrombosis. It was also proved that estrogen produced by ovaries protects the heart muscle but estroge from HRT does not. So the best solution is stimulation of ovaries to produce natural estrogen. Some other side effects of HRT are also dark spots on the skin similar to pigmentation during pregnancy, back pain, irritation, dizziness, increase of body weight.

Of course symptoms vary from case to case, so do the treatment of them. Sometimes HRT is inevitable.

Women should be aware of the first signs of menopause because specially in the beggining phase they can be controlled and eliminated naturally, with Hormone Yoga. So do not wait for changes to already happen, be aware of your body all the time!


Pregnancy, Reproductive Cancer, Breast Cancer, Aesthetic Breast Surgery, Myomas, Endometriosis, after heart Surgery, Heart diseases, Appendicitis problems, severe Osteoporosis, unidentified Stomach pain, Thrombosis. In these cases HYT is not advised except with written approval of Doctor/Gynecologist.

Regular practice of HYT helps to rebalance hormone levels with excersises and circulating energy to glands which get activated.

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