Which are the most importaint glands for production of hormones?
Thyroids, Ovaries and Hypophysis

Why is it essential to activate Hypophysis?
Because it produces FSH ( Follicle stimulating Hormone)

Why is it essential to activate Thyroids?
Because it produces Thyroxine ( T4) and Triiodothyronine ( T3)

Why is it essential to activate Parathyroids?
Because they control the level of Calcium in blood

Why is it essential to activate the Adrenals?
Because they produce Cortisol and Adrenaline

Which hormone is produced by Thyroids to activate Ovaries?

Which hormones are produced by Ovaries?
Estrogen and Progesterone

What is the function of Estrogen?
Controls menstrual cycle, balances emotions, preserves feminine body shape, preserves brain functions

What is the function of Progesterone?
Prepares the Uterus for pregnancy, helps control the menstrual cycle, prepares breasts for breast-feeding

What is the function of Luteinizing hormone ( LH)?
Stimulates ovulation

What is the function of Prolactin Hormone?
Stimulates Lactation

What is Endometriosis?
Endometrium calls abnormally fixed out of place

Which is the best day to do the blood test to check the hormone level?
From 9th to 12th day counting from the first day of periods

Which are the main causes for Pre-mature Menopause?
Low body weight ( no body fat), too much excersise, emotional problems

What is the effect of Stress to hormone level?
It reduces the hormone level

Which hormone increases Stress if it is under the normal level?

How does Modern Medicine treat the low hormone level with Women?
With Hormone Replacement Therapy ( HRT)

Which are most dangerous diseases caused by low hormone level?
Osteoporosis and Heart failure

Are Teenage Girls allowed to practice Hormone Yoga?
Yes in case of hormonal imbalance

Is it possible to achieve results with Hormone Yoga even if Ovaries or Uterus were Surgically removed?
Certainly, because Hormone Yoga will increase Vitality and production of hormones from Adrenals

Is it possible to achieve same results with some other kind of Yoga?
Yoga generally helps maintain good health, Hormone Yoga eliminates the symptoms and problems. Also with Hormone Yoga results are visible much faster.

When is it recommended to start Hormone Yoga practice?
Preventively after 35 years of Age, before level of hormones starts decreasing and to achieve good health and vitality

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