The benefits of regular yoga practice

The benefits of regular yoga practice


I will never forget the words from my friend, the Shaman: ' All the Books, all text that you read were written by someone else. Those are their experiences and realizations which they wrote. We should not believe everyhing we read. What if they were wrong? It is not YOUR experience. '

And I have same thinking about Yoga practice. Every Yoga teacher is different and so is evey student. Actually we are all students. And everyone has different experience with Yoga. To someone it is a way of physical practice, to someone a spiritual path, growth, finding a true Self.

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The Path of Yoga is a lifetime process ( sometimes even few lifetimes). We may practice same Asana every day but every day it will make us feel something different. The Path of Yoga is a path of self exploration and selfawareness, perception of True Self.

Why are we here? Who are we? Who am I? Who are You? Why am I here?

I will only list a few benefits fo regular Yoga practice:

  • Strenght and stamina
  • Balance between body strenght and flexibility
  • Arms, legs, hips strenght increases which gives a solid fundament to our Spine
  • Blood circulation improves
  • Stimulates digestion system
  • Energy increases which helps against depression, it rejuvenates
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Increases the Life will
  • Stimulates cardiovascular system
  • Stimulates sex organs
  • Stretches the Spine and helps eliminating energetic blockages
  • Rejuvenates
  • Increases lung capacity with chest opening and stimulates diaphragm
  • Stimulates glands to produce and balance hormone level
  • Stimulates nervous system
  • Clears our thoughts
  • Detox ones body
  • Rejuvenates ones body

I could just go on and on but I wish you explore for yourself. So find a Yoga teacher and start exploring Yourself.

Yoga is a path to prepare ones body for spiritual awakening but is is also an importaint science about health. Since ancient times Yogis have been using Yoga to relief pain and heal different health conditions.

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