Mateja Kreuh, founder of OMYoga Center Celje
Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow and Hormone yoga ( Dinah Rodrigues cert.), and Indian Balance

E-mail: mateja@omyoga.si
Phone: +386 51 622 348

Tina Mastnak
Power Vinyasa Yoga

E-mail: tina@omyoga.si
Phone: +386 31 499 745

Ana Leskovšek
Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga

E-mail: analeskovsek@omyoga.si
Phone: +386 30 400 935

Julija Košak
Yang do Yin Yoga

E-mail: julija.kosak@gmail.com
Phone: +386 40 519 016

Ana Špes
Začetni tečaj joge

E-mail: anaspes@omyoga.si
Phone: +386 40 233 419

Katja Tuš
Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 1 to 1 classes

E-mail: katja.tus@gmail.com
Phone: +386 70 946 646

Helena Dolšak
Creative Flow in Yin Yoga

E-mail: helena@omyoga.si
Phone: +386 40 308 961

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I will be happy if you send me your questions, remarks, advice or visit one of my class or workshop. Also if you wish I come to your country/place we can organize a workshop together.

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