Audio MP3 Yoga Nidra

Audio MP3 Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra – Yogic Sleep ( recording lenght 30 minutes):

- deep relaxation for body and mind

- healing effect 

- regenerating

- rejuvenating, ...

- what will your experience be?


The subconscious can be accessed and influenced only when the body and the conscious mind are completely relaxed – a state brought about by a yogic sleep, relaxation called Yoga Nidra. During this practice the brain waves change from the beta to alpha, the waves generally produced during sleep or when the mind completely inactive.
Yoga Nidra is highly therapeutic. It brings about optimum relaxation of the blood vessels which leads to better blood flow to the body tissues. If the blood is pure, it results in better nourishment and proper oxygenation for the cells in the body and more efficient elimination of the metabolic waste.
With better flow to the tissues, the body parts are quickly and effectively rejuvenated. Half an hour of Yoga Nidra has the same effect on the system as two or three hours of deep sleep. If you practice before sleep it removes all the stress from your body and mind and also provides peaceful and sound sleep.
If you practice twice or three times a day it does a remarkable job on repairing and rejuvenating your body. There are a lot of mind control methods available to relax the body. But only Yoga Nidra follows a sequence which matches the sequential pattern formed in the brain by the nerves of the corresponding body parts. Which means your mind can smoothly follow the sequence withouth getting confused.
You can practice Yoga Nidra at any time but only on an empty stomach so prana, life force, flows better through your body. The best way to practice is to make yourself comfortable on your back, in Savasana position.
Welcome to download Yoga Nidra, grab your earphones and enjoy. Whenever and wherever needed.
You are also very welcome to review the technique, how you felt after listening. Also for any question feel free to message me in through the following form.
Relax, enjoy and observe!

'Yoga Nidra is an ancient tecnique and can not be owned by anyone. But I do own the recording with my voice and I kindly ask you not to publish, copy or publicly play the recording withouth my prior written consens. Thank you for respecting my effort.'


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Practicioner's Experience

As a person who finds it very difficult to relax, and a mother of a 17 month old and 1 month old, I am very picky about my yoga nidras.     I teach yoga nidra as well, so it is difficult for me to turn off the “teacher voice” in my head.  Not the case during this one. Mateja’s yoga nidra helped me shift from a place of anxiety and over-exhaustion to a state of feeling recharged mentally and physically in a matter of minutes. Her soothing voice, patient pace, and heartfelt guidance made me feel supported, loved, and held. As a new mom, this is exactly what I needed. Mateja’s authenticity is what makes this yoga nidra equally as special as it is effective. I recommend it to anyone wishing to restore the body and mind. Who doesn’t need that?! ( Rachel, Ithaca, New York U,S)

I must say this is one of the best Yoga Nidra I have come across. Clear spoken English with adequate pauses in between to understand what is being said and where to focus our energy. Very calming and relaxing experience. Not so short, not so long. Must try atleast once. ( Dr. Piyush Verma, Dehradun, India)
I like the structure. And your sooting voice. ( Jo, Beirut, Lebanon)
Dear Mateja, your voice is so gentle, authentic and pleasant. Through relaxation it felt as if you are next to me and whispering in my ear. In this crazy pace of life these minutes are so rejuvenating. Not only for phisycal body but also for mind. As every mom I also have monkey mind, the feeling of bees in my head, but these few minutes everything calms down, only the pleasant and much appreciated Silence remains. Thank you! ( Anja, Komenda, Slovenia)
After a long and stresful day I have a habit to listen to music and meditate before sleep. But when your mind just won't calm down you need something different. The Yoga Nidra recording helps me to focus on words and calm down my Mind to bring myself to sleep. Because I also like meditative music I would like some backround music and I am sure I would fall asleep even faster. Thank you for this Yoga Nidra recording! ( Elizabeta, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
I started Yoga Nidra practice because I had trouble sleeping. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical. While listening for the first time I already fell asleep after a few minutes of relaxation. I could not make myself comfortable and also I woke up at night many times. But in the morning I felt more fresh and was able to get up from easier. I thought it was a pure coincidence so for a few days I put the recording aside. But after the next practice the story was the same. I practiced more and I could not even remember if I was waking up at night. The pain in my Spine was not so intense so I did not take the painkiller. Now I know that the effect of Yoga Nidra was not a coincidence so I will keep up with listening to the recording and keep the practice regular. And also one interesting remark: I was able to remember my dreams after a loooong, looooong time. ( Teja, Dobrna, Slovenia)
The recording is a proof of what you do you do with intention and pleasure. Even if it a persong gets carried away...with your voice this a sooting treatment for every soul and body... Thank you for this and remain who you are - a good teacher who enriches people's souls with your experience... ( Diana, Belgium)
Mateja, thank you for joga nidra recording, ti is excellent...half an hour of yoga nidra is same as a good sleep...  ( Špela, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Yoga Nidra is the right path for all who are stressed and restless from everyday busy life. While listening, a calming and warm Mateja's voice gradually takes you to a total relaxation of whole body. It is worth listening, I recommend! ( Lucija, Žalec, Slovenia)

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