Asana (s)

Did you know that 8.400.000 Asanas exist? According to Yoga tradition this many forms of Life exist and every single one of them has its Asana which captures a life experience and quality of a certain Life form when Asana itself is a stable and comfortable position.

This many asanas nobody could learn in one lifetime not even with everyday practice. So Hatha Yoga considers 84 Main Asanas.

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So what is Asana?

According to Patanjali: Sthira-Shukham-Aasanam

Sthira = stable, calm

Suhkam = comfortable

We can say that Asana is a Stable and Comfortable body posture. But it is more than just a posture. Once we master a certain body posture it has to be so comfortable and effortless that is also calms our mind. Body is in a state of wellbeing, we feel no tension. Muscle activity is minimum. So Asanas are more than postures which preserve a Healthy and flexible body.

We know Dynamic and Static Asanas.

Dynamic Asanas transform body structure and include spinal movement: forward bends, back bends, lateral bends, twists. Besides physical influence on muscles they also effect nervous system and glands. They stimulate energy which eliminates lazyness ( Tamas) and increase a level of activity ( Rajas). Dynamic Asanas are good for people who are lazy, numb and for children.

Static Asanas develop inner awareness and explore higher levels of awareness with continuity, slowness and persistance with which we achieve deep relaxation and preserve energy which leads to a feeling of freshness. This process relaxes nervous system which leads to a state of inner peace.

What is the difference between Yoga Asana and Physical Workout?


  • Slow, but dynamic movements
  • Optimal muscle activity
  • No danger of mucle and ligament injuries
  • Low calorie consumption, minimum effort
  • Balanced activity of all mucles and balancing left and right side of body
  • Yoga is not a competition
  • Awareness is inside body ( breath awareness and infinity)
  • Endless possibilities to expand awareness


  • Fast body movements
  • Increased muscle activity
  • Bigger chance of injuries
  • Usually high calorie consumption
  • Unbalanced/uncontrolled muscle activity
  • Competitive, usually set to achieve certain physical goal
  • Awareness is outside body ( reaching finish line)
  • Repeating sequences which can become dull
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